Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

If you had to describe your favorite foods, would you describe sweets? Many people would, and Sweet 16 Blast! Slots is a perfect game for that crowd. While you might not be able to savor the sugary sweetness that the game depicts, this is the second-best thing. The game will invoke the memory of your favorite sweets without any of the added sugar. Serve your sweet tooth with this colorful game and before long you'll notice its addictive nature is similar to a sugar rush. Sweet 16 Blast! Is the second game in the Sweet 16 series. The Blast edition of the game includes not just more candy imagery, but also a 6th reel for added gameplay enjoyment.

The Game's Appearance

Another hit by Real Time Gaming, Sweet 16 Blast! features a 6th reel for even more fun. The deluge of candy imagery that dances across the screen includes delectable gummy bears, strawberry kisses, delicious drops of chocolate, hearts, and several other colorful kinds of candy. The game symbol that carries the most rewards is the heart candy, which provides the player with a 2,000 multiplier if a player can obtain 6 of these symbols. Besides boasting attractive graphics, all kinds of players can learn how to play the game given that bets range from under a quarter to at most $100.

The Gameplay Style

Sweet 16 Blast! Features several types of gameplay including cascading wins, free games, multipliers, and bonuses. Enjoy the following styles:

  • Cascading win. The symbols that show up on the screen during this game disappear after a winning combination is received and symbols fall to replace them. Various prizes are given if the new symbols lead to a successful combination. If a player obtains three hearts, the player wins 10 free spins. During free spins, players can encounter multipliers ranging from 2 to 100-time multipliers. For later free spins during a player's game, these multipliers remain. The total number of multipliers on a grid is increased by the total number of multipliers that exist on the grind at the point that free spins expire.
  • Buy features. This element lets players acquire free games without having to wait for scatters to enable these games.
  • Bonus bet. This option when activated increases a player's chance of obtaining free games as well as a resulting payout. By obtaining more scatter symbols, a player can raise the chances of obtaining a free game.
  • Free games. Players might obtain symbols whose values range from 2 to 100 times on reels during free games. Until every cascading combination has been connected, multipliers will continue to show up in the playfield.
  • Buy feature. At any point that a player selects, the player can initiate a spin by utilizing the buy choice. 100 times the existing stake is necessary before a player can utilize this ability.
  • Bonus bets. If a player places more scatter symbols per reel, players can raise the possibility of beginning a free spins bonus. If a player activates this feature, the existing total bet increases 25x. Until the bonus bet is shut off, the bonus will remain in effect.

In Conclusion

This adorable game might seem like a candy fantasy, but it's also a thrilling online slot simulator. The gameplay features of Sweet 16 Blast! are more than sufficient for you to enjoy the sweet symbols and hopefully walk away with a fortune. While the sweets in this game are just computer graphics, the fortunes in this game are very real.