Khrysos Gold Slots

Stories involving the ancient gods can be found in countless films including The Immortals, Clash of the Titans, Wonder Woman, and Piercy Jackson & the Olympians. If you are the type of person who loves reading about ancient Greek mythology, you're going to love Khrysos Gold Slots, an online casino game that represents another smash hit by Real Time Gaming. Khrysos is a descendant of the great God, Zeus, and acts as the personification of gold and riches. And if you're lucky with this game, you'll walk away with gold and riches given the game's 50,000-time multiplier.

The Look of the Game

The game's playfield is 3 rows, 5 reels, and 20 pay lines. As one would expect from a God associated with gold and riches, the display is sleek and offers luxurious sights. Beautiful gold statues surround either side of the playfield, giving off the feel of a massive temple. The screen's top also reveals a blue sky. Additionally, the game boasts 4 medium to high value and 4 lower paying icons. The Khrysos symbol (a wild card) is another lucrative feature, as are a coin bonus and scatter symbols.

When it comes to low plays, a player's cards will vary from Jacks to Aces. Meanwhile, both Kings and Aces award players with up to 80 times for bets per line if a player obtains a five-of-a-kind. For the highest payouts, players should be on the lookout for dragons, heroes, cyclopes, and kings. While the cyclopes make sense, I was a bit uncertain why the other medieval imagery appeared. Players receive compensation worth 600 times a bet per line for full combinations. Meanwhile, the special symbols in the game include queens, scatters, and coins.

The Game's Playstyle

Khrysos Gold Slots is a medium volatile game, which means that the game pays out an average number of times and that the size of bets is an average value for online casino games. Players can bet between 0.20 to 20 credits for each spin with the highest potential winning capped at 50,000 times the initial stake.

Some of the various gameplay features that the game offers include:

  • Slippery wildcard feature. Whenever a player can get a wildcard to appear on the playfield, this element becomes active. The wildcard proceeds to move 1 position down until it is no longer on the grid.
  • Morphing wild feature. This feature becomes activated if the wildcard symbol ends up landing behind the slippery wildcard symbol. This then morphs the entirety of the reel into wild cards. Additionally, every morphed wild card activates the slippery wild element.
  • Bonus jackpot. At least 3 bonus symbols are required to activate this feature, which begins with 3 re-spins. Every new Bonus resets a re-spin counter while staying in position for the rest of the round.
  • Free spins. Anywhere from 3 to 5 scatters can award a player with 5 to 12 free spins on each occasion that a wildcard appears. At this point, the entire reel changes to a wildcard.

The other thing I love about the game is that it's available on handheld devices, which means that I can play it on the go.


Given the various features of this game, there are plenty of reasons to play Khrysos Gold Slots. One of the most lucrative reasons to entice players to the game is the 50,000 times multiplier. If you're feeling lucky and want to play a game that pays an average amount of treasure for an average bet size, look no further. This game is also a wonderful experience if you love the Greek Gods as well.