Neon Wheel 7s Slots

Another smash hit by Real Time Gaming, this online slot simulator resembles a classic slot machine from the golden era of Las Vegas but with one unique contemporary twist. Neon Wheel 7s Slots is easy-to-understand to and lets players appreciate the casino-appropriate symbols as well as basic but reliable gameplay. The flash bar icons and 7s will have you dreaming of hotels like the Bally's, Caesars, or one of countless other classic Las Vegas hotels along the strip. Did we mention that the jackpot holds the always-alluring potential to payout substantially?

Let's take a closer look at what makes this Realtime Gaming slot machine a charming little game. We've also included a couple of helpful tips and strategies to help you get started and increase your odds of winning big.

Theme and Layout

There's nothing groundbreaking about Slot 7s but it's a charming game that will have you reminiscing about Las Vegas. The game includes three reels along with five pay lines. The backdrop switches between purple and blue, offering scene lighting and contributing to the game's atmosphere. As if that wasn't enough, the soundtrack to the game is classic rock songs that set the scene for an enjoyable casino-like experience only with more colors and better music than you'll find in most of today's casinos. It's the type of game that whisks me away to another place.

Gameplay Qualities

We recommend taking advantage of the game's free trial mode, during which time you can test out the game's various features and stylistic choices. Three scatters will bring up a bonus wheel where you can obtain several rewards including multipliers that range from an acceptable 8x to the unbelievably wonderful 100x. Playing the game online for actual cash will let you enjoy 12 free bonus spins, the game's jackpot payout, and several other amazing benefits. Spinning the bonus wheel is the best way to unlock various types of prizes available in 7s Slots. Many players have mixed the right combination of luck and timing and ended up winning one of the countless prizes that the game offers.

The Payout

7s Slots offers subsequent spins and doubles your initial wager. You should also remember that you have instant access to bonuses as well as additional free spins whenever you trigger these perks while playing the game.

There's more, though! A player's winnings are automatically multiplied 100 times if the player is lucky enough to hit the highest possible multiplier. While it might not happen every time, the lure of this bonus keeps many players coming back for more. When your bonus spin expires, the interface will reveal your payoff in an easy-to-read and luxurious format. Remember, though, after this, you will not be able to activate the bonus again.

How You Can Win the Game

Neon Wheel 7s Slots is one good way to spend some time. As a player, do your best to remain alert to various details of the game that improve your odds of obtaining that perfect combination.

When it comes to volatility, the game ends up in the middle of Real Time Gaming's game. This means the game is a good middle ground when considering the frequency of wins and the amount that you might win. While high-volatility games have low payouts and steady rates of wins, low-volatility games offer few opportunities to win but greater rewards when you win. The middle ground of volatility means that you can place medium bets and have a decent chance of winning.