Desert Raider Slots

Move over Nathan Drake, Indiana Jones, and Laura Croft, here comes the newest legendary treasure-hunter: Desert Raider. When you play Desert Raider Slots, you join an adventure of a 20-pay line and a 5-reel slot. When you play Desert Raider Slots, you can win your own epic pile of treasure. Real Time Gaming's Desert Slots will transport you to a world where you're a dashing-treasure hunter on a dangerous adventure to recover ancient artifacts. Read this review to learn more about this exciting and fast-paced game.

The Game's Look

In Desert Raider Slots, you explore desert locations seeking the secrets that lie in an ancient Egyptian temple. In your inventory, you have an ancient book that can direct you and offer suggestions about where the entrance might be. It's not that easy, though! You need to be cautious and make the most of special features as well as symbols that improve your odds of avoiding traps. According to the legendary book, if you have the right combination of luck and steps, you can locate the 3x5 grid where the treasures are hidden.

The Feel of Desert Raider Slots

The vital clues you should consider when playing Desert Raider Slots are distinct symbols. For example, "Explorer" is a wildcard symbol and widens the full reel before payouts are made while you are still playing the base game. The "Book" symbol is the scatter symbols and payouts when it lands anywhere on the board. The game's got a couple more rules too. For example, scatter wins are multiplied by a full stake before they are added to any line wins. Take special note of these important symbols and avoid overlooking them whenever they appear on the gameboard because they're your chance to obtain bigger payouts.

Proven Tactics to Prevail in the Game

Several techniques exist to prevail with a big win in this game. The most critical rule that you should remember is to be observant of each symbol on the board because they can activate unique powers for you. If you have three or more scatter icons anywhere on the gameboard, the free games with a special morphing icon become active. Additionally, three scatter can win you 10 free games, four scatter icons can win you 12 free games, and 5 scatter symbols can win you 14 free games. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Additional strategies exist to win in Desert Raider Slots, but you'll have to find those out on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

Those players new to Desert Raider Slots often ask various questions, but some of the most common questions that players ask include:

  • Can I play the game on a mobile device? Absolutely, you can play the game on a mobile device.
  • Can you play the game just for entertainment? You certainly can play Desert Raider Slots for pure entertainment. A demo mode to the game exists that you can play for free.
  • What's the biggest award in Desert Raider? With Desert Raider Slots, the greatest reward you can obtain is 50,000 times the amount of your initial stake.


When you play Desert Raider, you can easily become lost in a game that harkens back to Tomb Raider or Uncharted. The various features including sounds, sights, and atmosphere help take you out of wherever you're playing and bring and put you in the middle of a daring adventure. The only difference is unlike Indiana Jones when you play Desert Raider Slots, you don't have to worry about poisoned arrows or rolling boulders!