Doragon's Gems Slots

If you're a fan of Elden Ring, Skyrim, or Game of Thrones, we've got the game for you. Do you like your casino games complete with dragons? Look no further. Doragon's Gems is even more fun, though, because it's a high-volatility game featuring 25 pay lines, a 20-line bet, and the possibility of winning 50,000 times your bet per line. That kind of sounds like fighting a dragon doesn't it? High risk but great payoff. That's exactly what you get when you play Doragon's Gems. Now let's review a little bit more about the game's visuals and play.

The Look of Doragon's Gems

Doragon's Gems is all to do with dragons as well as the gems that dragons watch, dragon eggs, and eyes. When you obtain the right combination of these visuals, you can end up with huge winnings and free games. For players who are looking to find a game that's easy to grab the hang of, Doragon's Gems has easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics as well as stellar graphics and animations. Most players also find that the game loads quickly. You'll never know what you're going to get when you play Doragon's Gems, though. The game is full of surprises as well as treats and wins for players who want to avoid boredom.

Reasons to Keep Play Doragon's Gems

Some of the most attractive features of Doragon's Gem's gameplays mechanics include:

  • Cascading wins including added wild and multiple trail feature triggers. These features activate after each spin involving winning symbols. After you are paid out for these winning symbols, additional symbols involved in your winning combo disappear from the field of play, and the empty bottom of the playfield is filled with one wild symbol. As a result, the remaining symbols cascade to the bottom of the wheel box while any empty positions are refilled with new ones. This mechanic makes it so that new symbols can contribute to new winning combinations. This element continues after each winning until any new winning combinations cease falling.
  • Multiplier trails. This element is in play during each spin and continues increasing following each case until you run out of winning combinations. Obtaining a losing combination with the cascade feature resets the multiplier trail element.
  • Buy feature trigger. This feature lets players acquire free games and triggers spins at any point during the game. After acquiring the buy feature trigger, a trigger spin is automatically activated while the bonus bet feature par is shut off.
  • Bonus bet feature. When you activate this feature, you increase your chances of starting a free game feature by adding additional scatter symbols onto the reel at any point during your play. Additionally, with this feature, your total bet will improve by 25%. Furthermore, remember that this feature can only be manually shut off.
  • How the game is won. Winning Doragon's Gems is easy enough, but you'll have to play the game to get to this point. As a result, you should give Doragon's Gems a try with our free demo. Then once you have the hang of it, you can play for free money and use the various elements as much as you can.

In Conclusion

Doragon's Gems is another highly addictive and rewarding game by Real Time Gaming. The game includes a wonderful assortment of impressive functions, lucrative bonuses, and charming dragons that will enchant you with your winnings. Give Doragon's Gems a try if you're ready to spend real money and discover one of the most alluring fantasy casino games on the market.