Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

Christmas-themed games are not an uncommon occurrence in the world of casino games. But when you consider the magical merriment and cheer that Christmas brings, this shouldn't be that surprising at all. If you're looking for Christmas cheer, look no further than Santa's Reel Wheel. The Real Time Gaming creation offers a triad of progressive gameplays, during which players are hopefully able to reach the payout and achieve their Christmas goals. Some additional features provided by the game include 4 jackpot prizes as well as wins of as much as 5,000 times the initial stake.

The Visuals

There is no substitute for the atmosphere that winter, or the snow provides. In Santa's Reel Wheel, though, each of these elements combines to form a charming game. The backdrop of the game is set among a shed that inevitably must belong to Santa. The rest of the landscape is a wintery one depicting tall trees covered in snow. The main playfield is strewn between candy cane poles. The look and feel of the game are as if you were writing a letter to Santa. Some of the symbols that you can expect to include in the game include fireworks (scatter cards), diamonds (wild cards), Christmas Holly, bells, hearts, candy canes, spades, diamond cookies, and clubs.

Gameplay Features

Santa's Reel Wheel features a 3 single-line game that is split into three levels. Whenever a player obtains a firework symbol on level 1, level 2 is subsequently unlocked. By repeating the process, a third level can be locked where the player can trigger a bonus wheel. While playing, it is possible to achieve anywhere between a mini to a grand jackpot.

In situations where a wheel stops, a mega bonus becomes active. When playing this bonus, players can end up receiving either free spins or even a fireworks element.

Consider the following details about the features that can arise while playing Santa's Reel Wheel.

  • Free spins. Free spins begin at level 2 and occur if a player can trigger the bonus wheel during that round. As a result, a player can win either fireworks or additional free spins.
  • Santa's bonus wheel. While playing level 3, if a player can obtain any winning combination, this will end up triggering a wheel with 6 different bonuses, which include anywhere from mini to grand bonuses.
  • Santa's mega bonus wheel. When this feature is triggered, it provides players with an opportunity to obtain either free games or fireworks.
  • Firework features. This opportunity includes 15-reel positions ranging from levels 1 to 3. Only fireworks can show up and remain on reels. Fireworks can also end up refreshing how long a 3 re-spin round lasts. If a player manages to fill the entirety of a reel with fireworks, a grand jackpot that is worth 1,000 times the initial stake is awarded.
  • The diamond wild symbol. This symbol acts as a substitute for any regular bar but provides the additional benefit of providing benefits of either 2- or 4-times multiplier or two wildcards that are used in a win on level 3i.

In Conclusion

When debating whether or not to play this game, there are many factors to weigh. While this might be a Christmas-themed game, it's still a memorable one. Santa Reel Wheel evokes memories of your favorite Christmases and if you're a lucky enough player can lead to 4 jackpots as well as a rush of adrenaline. Santa's Reel Slots will give you plenty of reasons to keep coming back if you love Christmas or feel lucky.