Plentiful Treasure Slots

Plentiful Treasure Slots is an Asian-themed online slot simulation that summons players to the far east. Designed by Spinologic Gaming, Plentiful Treasure Slots features 5 reels and 3 rows as well as a whopping 243 pay lines. The game also boasts tons of fun play features including two wildcards, four jackpots, and bonuses in the form of free spins. When you play Plentiful Treasure Slots, it's easy to get lost and imagine yourself treasure hunting in ancient China for a fortune that is worth a whole empire.


After the loading screen featuring several smiling Asian men with a red backdrop suggesting a shiny silk curtain, the game cuts to its main play screen. At the top of the playfield, players spot a large purple bag holding a mass of treasure. The symbols in this game include a bao (as a wild card), a pearl (as a wild card that multiplies 5x), a golden embroidered teapot, a golden ring, and a coin.

Gameplay Features

In the game, whenever a play brings up a golden coin, they obtain the jackpot. The maximum jackpot in the game is an astounding 50,000 times a player's initial wager.

Plentiful Treasure is exciting for its other features that improve your chances of winning too. For example, a pearl symbol is drawn only during the middle reels and can substitute most for symbols with the exception of the tripod and bao. Additionally, the prize is increased as many as five times if a character shows up in a winning combo. Players can draw a wildcard anywhere from reels 2 to 4, which can substitute for all symbols with the exception of the pearl.

If the wildcard is in a winning combination, a player receives compensation as they would for any other regular combination. Additionally, in Plentiful Treasure, players have the chance to bring up various high-paying bonus options.

If a player can successfully bring up the tripod icon at any three spots at any time, this results in the player winning eight free spins. As if that was not enough, this feature can also be received multiple times. With this feature, players can obtain a jackpot. Players should also remain cautious of various Chinese Gods, who can bestow great luck on players.

If a player draws a bao symbol on reels 2 to 4, the player receives a gold coin. If five gold coins appear on the screen, the player then has the opportunity to win the ultimate jackpot.

When various features are triggered, 12 gold coins will appear on the screen. If a player selects three coins, this will bring up four jackpot symbols. Then, if three Gods symbols show up, the player will receive the jackpot. The jackpots come in several categories ranging from mini to grand. If a player wins the grand jackpot, they win a bountiful payout that would be the envy of any Asian kingdom.


Games like Plentiful Treasure are becoming popular due to their enchanting Asian imagery. The game's various gameplay styles, luxurious design, and gorgeous graphics are also a plus. Even if a player does not receive the grand jackpot, this is still a fun game and there are still many other ways to win. If you love Asian-themed games and want to get lost in a story that summons a storyline of treasure-hunting, look no further. And who knows, you might be that lucky player who wins the grand jackpot. Plentiful Treasure is available on PC, Mac, or any compatible handheld device.