Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandit 3 is the third installment in the beloved Cash Bandit series by Real Time Gaming. The game features a substantial jackpot that's the size of 115,000x your initial stake. The fun game also boasts jackpots ranging from mini to major in size. This way, even if you are not lucky enough to receive the ultimate 115,000x multiplier, you can still win various prizes. While Cash Bandits 1 and 2 were notable installments in the series, this game's 5x3 grid is perhaps the most attractive in the series yet with sizzling graphics and snazzy gameplay features.

The Style of the Game

As you might think by its name, Cash Bandits revolves around the theme of crime and heists. The game primarily involves the theme of stealing cash by cracking safe combinations in the homes of people and stealing the money that you find. For fans of heist films like Ocean 11, A Fish Called Wanda, Heist, or Swordfish, Cash Bandits 3 is a natural fit. As you play the game and wait for the turnout, it's easy to lose yourself and imagine you're involved in a large heist.

Cash Bandits 3 awards players with more features and a more dazzling theme than the two previous Cash Bandits games. For players who are on the go, the game is also compatible with most handheld devices.

Gameplay Features

Cash Bandits 3 provides many of the features that you'd expect by playing a Real Time Gaming slot simulator. The gameplay includes various features including free spins.

The game is notable for providing two progressive jackpots, which presents players with a greater chance to win as opposed to a game that offers only one jackpot. These two jackpots are brought up randomly. No particular combination triggers the jackpot, but instead, the jackpot accumulates as time passes.

Both the minor as well as the major jackpots most times will appear at either the top or bottom of the screen. Given that these two jackpots accumulate, the longer you play the more that the odds are on your side. You can play with the lowest amount possible and gradually raise your bet as you continue to play.

The shortcoming with progressive jackpots is that after these jackpots' payout, it takes substantial time for the amount players can win to collect again and pay a similarly large amount. If you are not the person who withdraws the jackpot, a loss is likely.

Cash Bandits 3 is decked out with symbols that would be right at home in a heist film. The bandit symbol offers players the highest value.

The Available Prizes

Similar to the two previous Cash Bandits games, Cash Bandits 3 presents players with 25 pay lines. Players are advised to read the pay table and learn its contents before they start playing the game. The amount that players can range between at minimum $0.25 and at most $25. One of the game's biggest selling points is its big jackpot of 115,000x times your initial wager. This amount is greater than what countless other similar games offer. Even if you fail to hit the maximum jackpot, you might end up receiving a much greater portion than your wager amount, which is still not a bad award.


Cash Bandits 3 is a rush of a slot simulator that offers a variety of playstyles to obtain a big payout. With two jackpots, some iconic heist imagery, and a rush of exhilarating results, you need to try this game.