Ghost Ship Slots

Legend tells of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship that was supposedly never able to return to port and instead had to forever sail on the seven seas. Only the bravest sailors were able to board the ship and steal its treasure. Ghost Ship Slots ask players the same question: are you prepared to face a ghost ship in exchange for the promise of leaving with great riches? In this online simulator by Real Time Gaming, players can find various symbols including cannons, bells, mastheads, and treasure chests. The luckiest of players can walk away with a substantial treasure. Like most Real Time Gaming simulators, the game also offers several bonus features. Players can take a chance with this ghost ship for as little as .01 coins per spin. The more adventurous players can bet much more, though, in hopes that they find a legendary treasure.


The game looks like it is set at night on the high seas, while on the sides of the screen are the leaves of palm trees and at the top is a full moon and the depiction of a ghost ship. Many of the symbols in the game are covered in moss as if they recently emerged from the deep seas where they had been buried long ago.

Gameplay Features

Players succeed in Ghost Ship Slots by matching symbols on existing pay lines. Fortunately, successful pay lines can be formed from only two or greater matching symbols from the category identified as high value. Additionally, a scatter acts as a substitute anywhere on the pay line. The wildcard comes in the form of the ghost ship's captain and substitutes any symbols with the exception of the scatter. Sometimes, a ghost ship symbol (a scatter) comes up to cover all available positions on one reel. Other times, a player wins a substantial award because two or more scatter symbols show up on the same pay line.

Ways to Bet in the Game

Two techniques exist to choose how many lines are active in Ghost Ship Slots. Players either choose a certain number of lines or choose a value to bet. A player who clicks on Autoplay receives a pop-up window where additional choices about pay lines can be made. Meanwhile, three icons in the game compensate players with at least 1,000 creditors or greater for stacks of five. Additionally, the wildcard (ghost captain) symbol can result in the player obtaining the maximum jackpot of $2,5000. Similar compensation is received if a player obtains five scatters at any point in the game with 25 lines active.

How to Get Free Games

A player who obtains at least three ghost ship symbols at any point in the game is awarded a free game. Players also can win two free games for every ghost ship or captain that appears while the triggering game is in play. All free games obtained by the player are then multiplied by 2 times and 10 times if a four or five reel introduces this feature.

In Review

Ghost Ship Slots is another fun game by Real Time Gaming that brings you along on a thrilling and adventurous hunt for treasure. The game has many reasons to attract players besides its duo of progressive jackpots. Some of the best additional features in the game include stacked wilds and scatter wins. If you are lucky enough to board the ghost ship and emerge victorious, you will almost certainly carry away a sizable treasure. A warning, though, this game is so fun that you might become like the Flying Dutchman after playing this game and find yourself unable to ever leave Ghost Ship Slots.